Terms and Conditions

Quotes are valid for 60 Days: (providing scopes of works as quoted have not changed eg. Trees have not fallen, new structures built restricting access or anything preventing works from going ahead as planned upon date of quote provided) Prior to accepting our quote, please ensure the scope of works in the description is correct.

Additional work not detailed will incur additional charges. Please let us know if we have missed anything prior.


NBN/Telstra/Irrigation/pool pipes/cables etc: unless approved plans are received prior to any excavation or stump grinding.

While every effort will be taken to minimise any potential damage to property, such as: concrete, lawned areas, windows, and garden beds due to the requirement of using heavy machinery, we will not accept responsibility for: cracking concrete, due to concrete quality or age, wheel tyre ruts left in lawned area if the area is sandy/ soft or saturated due to weather conditions, broken windows and / or damaged garden beds due to stump grinding.

Xtreme Garden Care will hold NO responsibility for damages that may occur and will NOT be liable for any repairs required.


NOTE: Item prices may change should only partial quotes be approved. (please contact us should you wish to make changes)


BOOKINGS: Bookings will be receipted via email or text message correspondence. Should homeowners or tenants fail to commit to the arranged booking eg. Attendance, gates left unlocked or vehicles moved as requested, a call out fee of $300.00 (incl. gst) will be charged. If a crane is required for the works, a call out fee of $800.00 (incl. gst) will be charged.


MULCH: All mulch generated by Xtreme Garden Care becomes the property of Xtreme Garden Care – should you wish to keep the mulch, additional charges may apply


By accepting our quote, you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

· Payments are to be made in full by Invoice Due Date

· A 5% fee will incur on total cost of invoice for every 7days payment has not been received (or payment arrangements have been made with accounts)

· If a payment plan has been provided, you agree to the payment structure outlined Homeowner/Tenant/Authorised Agent: