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Emergency Work

Darwin experiences radical weather conditions often causing damage to trees and property. Due to the reason experiencing such weather conditions and seasons, high winds and/or heavy rain are often the reason for branches and trees falling. However, all too often there is unexpected damage caused when it seems the weather has been dry and pleasant. This can be related to:

  • Limbs dropping due to heat related stress

  • Saturated soils loosening the ground and uprooting entire trees

  • Genetical faults in the tree structure giving way such as cavities or split branch unions

  • Weak regrowth from previous lopping that was not done correctly or professional

  • Parasite / Termite damage to the trees can cause structural weakness causing branches to drop and die.

Cleaning up the effects from these occurrences doesn't have to be stressful. We can help you with our 24 hour emergency service , and:

  • Guide you through the process of covering part or all of your costs  through your home and contents insurance

  • Make your property and trees secure so that other trades can come on site and carry out their work

In an emergency, please contact us:
Office: 08 8947 4533

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