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Stump Grinding in Darwin, Palmerston and Rural Areas.

At Xtreme Garden Care, we understand the importance of complete tree removal, which includes addressing the remaining tree stumps. That's why we offer professional stump grinding and removal services to ensure your garden bed can be replanted or the area can be beautifully landscaped. Our expertise extends to both large and small tree stumps, and we excel in accessing hard-to-reach areas, such as narrow yards and locations near structures.

Unlike most arborists who only provide tree removal services to ground level, we go the extra mile by offering stump grinding as part of our comprehensive tree services, for an additional cost. This means you can have the entire job completed in a single day, with the convenience of dealing with just one company. Rest assured that our experienced team at Xtreme Garden Care will skillfully grind away your stumps, utilizing our specialist equipment and knowledge.

Stump grinding involves using a machine equipped with large rotating teeth that mulch the stump into small pieces. While it doesn't remove all the roots, it grinds the stump to a depth of approximately 100mm below ground level. This depth is usually sufficient for planting a garden bed on top. However, there are cases where some stumps require additional techniques for removal.

In situations where stump grinding alone isn't sufficient, we employ various methods to overcome more challenging stumps:

Excavation: This method involves carefully excavating the base of the stump manually or mechanically, detaching problematic roots to pull the stump out of the ground. This method is highly effective and safe.

Manual removal: In hazardous or confined locations, manual removal becomes necessary. This involves physically digging out the stump, which is the most difficult approach. It is typically required when the roots at the base of the stump intersect with pipes or electrical services. Our skilled team performs this meticulous extraction with utmost care.

Chemical removal: This method entails using a chemical stump removal product to accelerate the decay of the stump. Stump removers typically contain potassium nitrate (KNO3) and gradually break down the stump over a period of 4-6 weeks. While chemical removal requires time and patience, it should be noted that the use of chemicals carries limitations and may not provide immediate results. We discourage the practice of setting stumps on fire after chemical treatment due to the associated dangers. Stump grinding, on the other hand, is a superior, safer, and quicker alternative.

The Benefits of Stump Removal

Removing tree stumps offers numerous benefits. Stumps can take years to naturally decay and during this time, they can be unsightly and pose trip hazards or potential damage to vehicles. Depending on their height, they may cause root rot diseases, like honey fungus, which can spread to surrounding vegetation, causing harm to your garden. Root rot is a common cause of unhealthy-looking trees and eventual tree death. Considering the minimal cost of stump removal compared to the expense of removing a tree, it's well worth the investment to have the area returned to a state where you can plant gardens or grow grass, effectively eliminating the risks mentioned above.

If you are located in Darwin, Palmerston, Coolalinga, Virginia, Humpty Doo or any of the rural areas across the Top End, choose Xtreme Garden Care for professional stump grinding and removal services, and let us transform your outdoor space into a safe and beautiful environment.

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