Crane Hire Darwin

Advantages of using cranes:

  • We can safely remove rotten or dangerous trees that may otherwise be too risky to remove by traditional roping techniques.

  • We can reach trees in hard to access areas.

  • There is no damage to your home or landscape no matter how close proximity the tree is to your house. We can safely navigate objects using the crane around structures and other sensitive areas.

  • We can lift stump grinders into areas they normally wouldn’t be able to access

  • The job is done quicker and often cheaper because of reduced labour costs

  • Often we remove multiple trees from the one set up saving clients significant sums of money

  • We can lift fallen trees off structures

  • We can even reach your backyard from the street!

  • Xtreme Garden Care owns two Kato City Cranes (10T & 13T) and have access to cranes up to 130 Tonne capacity for larger jobs.