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Home Improvement Scheme

A new $30 million home improvement scheme will help protect the Territory from the deep economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep shops and businesses open, cash flowing and Territorians working. It’s part of the Territory Government’s Rescue and Recovery plan in response to COVID-19.

The scheme will help fast-track around 5,000 screwdriver-ready projects in Territory homes. This means that projects are physical improvements to land and / or buildings, and repairs and maintenance services.

The scheme operates on a voucher system, with home owners receiving either:

  • a voucher worth $4,000 if they contribute at least $1,000 of their own money, or

  • a voucher worth $6,000 if they contribute at least $2,000 of their own money.

Who can apply

You are eligible to apply if you are a registered owner of a residential property in the Northern Territory (NT).

The property can be owner-occupied or used as investment, but there can only be one application per property and per home owner.

If you are eligible, you can submit two quotations, by one or two businesses, as part of your one application for the home improvement scheme.

The total value of the vouchers issued will be for no more than the maximum grant amount.

If you are the owner of multiple properties, you can carry out improvement works to one home only.

If a property has more than one owner, only one can apply under the scheme.

Who can't apply

Incorporated legal entities are not eligible to apply such as:

  • companies

  • trust structures with a corporate trustee

  • associations that are the sole registered proprietor of a property.

What you can use the voucher for

You can use the voucher for physical improvements, repairs or maintenance services that are intended to stay in the property permanently.

You must not use a voucher with any voucher or other benefit granted under any other program (whether an Australian Government or NT Government program) to pay for the same works.

Eligible works must:

  • include a labour component and

  • be carried out by an eligible business that is not related to the grant recipient.

When work can start

Eligible works can start after an application has been approved by the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation.

How to apply

Applications will open from 9am on Monday 6 April 2020.

You must read, understand and agree to the scheme’s terms and conditions to apply for a voucher.

When you are ready to apply, follow these steps:

Step 1. Decide what type of improvements you want done on your property.

Step 2. Check the list of tradies and businesses taking part in the scheme.

Step 3. Contact one or more tradespeople from the list for a quote.

Step 4. After selecting a preferred quote, apply online to receive a unique voucher.

Step 5. Once the work is completed, you must pay the tradesperson for the work using the voucher as part payment. You must give your voucher to the tradesperson so that they can be paid by the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation.

After you apply

All work must be completed within three months of the date the voucher was issued, or 28 February 2021 - whichever is sooner.

Health and safety

You must practise social distancing during the planning for and delivery of the renovation works.

If either you or the service provider are unwell, you will need to put the works on hold until either or both of you are well.


For more information, contact the Business Recovery team.

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